What We Do

Crosswinds S.T.O.L. builds, rebuilds, modifies and designs modifications for light aircraft. We have over fifty years of experience and more than 60 multiple STC’s and countless field approvals.  We have developed and refined a process of systems integration we call “Balanced Systems” using this approach Crosswinds S.T.O.L. produces highly modified Piper PA-18 Super Cubs, PA-12 & 14 Cruisers, PA-20 & 22 Pacers and  Experimental Aircraft. These aircraft are driven by the hands of some of Alaska’s most serious and prestigious Bush Pilots, pilots who’s very life and livelihood depend on unexcelled performance.

Crosswinds S.T.O.L. Kit

The basic Crosswinds S.T.O.L. kit was developed to reduce or eliminate “MOOSE HUNTER STALLS”, a spin initiated by an extremely uncoordinated tight turn which causes a snap roll entry into a spin which commonly happens without enough altitude to recover. The increased stability and reduced stall speed is a positive by-product of the leading edge cuff. The basic kit consist of a leading edge cuff, tip spill plates, inboard flap extensions and STOL fences that separate the air between the ailerons and flaps.

Crosswinds S.T.O.L.’s Full Performance Wing

Crosswinds S.T.O.L. modifies and builds a full performance cub wing. This full performance wing has evolved from real world research and development, breakthroughs in engineering and shared product partnerships. Many of the modification and products this wing uses have been available since the 1970’s some have just been made available in recent years. Each modification first needed to justify its existence and work in precise balance with the rest of the aircraft. The resultant wing features the the Crosswinds S.T.O.L. leading edge cuff stol kit with stall fences and wing tip spill plates. Crosswinds S.T.O.L. extended wings and Concept Wing Tips. At the trailing edge the flaps are extended 6 inches inboard. This combination adds no mechanical linkages and keeps with the simplicity of the cub wing design while maximizing wing performance and greatly reduces stall speeds, without sacrificing any roll response.

Piper STOL Kits

Piper PA-12 Super Cruiser
Piper PA-14 Family Cruiser
Piper PA-18 Super Cub
Piper PA-20/22 Pacer/Tri-Pacer

Citabria STOL Kits

Bellanca Champion
7EC & 7ECA Series
7GC, 7GCAA & 7GCBC Series
7KCAB Series